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Playing a little bit of Wolf Quest! After alot of suggestions / requests to play this game, I roam the wilderness in. If you enjoyed the video be sure to hit that like button, also comment with feedback. Game. WolfQuest. WolfQuest Watch the Video. Get the New Game! A.M. Elk Hunt. Crossing Snow. Den. Dawn in Lamar Valley. Pup Interaction. New and Improved Version!. Steam Controller Steam Link Steam Machines HTC Vive. A wildlife simulation game about wolf ecology. Pups grow from 3 months to 7 months Pack vs. While the old, free version of the game remains available, development efforts are now focused on WolfQuest 2. RPG , Simulation Developer: Players are encouraged to report any behavior that breaks the multiplayer rules. NVIDIA GeForce series or AMD Radeon HD Network: Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. They have the option to find a mate, which, when successful, will follow and aid the player throughout the rest of the game. Hier gibt es wieder eine Online-Version , in der der Spieler mit anderen Spielern durch Slough Creek ziehen kann. The "Z" button will cause a dialogue box to appear, asking the player which time tnt login deutsch day they would like to sleep until Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Night. I really want to release WQ 3 late this year, on the tenth anniversary of the original game. Views Read Edit View history. The winner for the "Big Idea" section of the contest was Exiah, with her idea "Time and Weather", which affects hunting with weather and time. Read all about it here and . There are a variety of pelts to choose from organized by packswith two sliders that let players change the tints of the guard hairs and undercoat of the wolf. Available now for Mac and Windows computers! Players in multiplayer can start rallies and hunt bull elk and moose. September 17, — Mobile! Popular user-defined tags for this product: Es soll Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen das Verhalten der Wölfe und anderer Tiere näherbringen. Im September soll ein nächster Teil mit dem Titel Wolfquest 2. WolfQuest does not run on Chromebooks. In order to find a mate, the player must first earn experience points, mainly by hunting elk, and then search for a mate which can be found in all territories. August 4, — Announcing WolfQuest 3: Coburn Releases New Oversight Report: When the game begins, you are a two-year-old gray wolf born in the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park.