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I am trying to contact EE via live chat as I am abroad, my phone should have been unlocked prior to leaving the UK. I read if you go to the help. Update: This topic is now out of date. The current information can be found at: EE live chat: Ways to chat online > Hi guys, I've been getting. Connect directly with EE Customer Services or Technical Support online via our Live Chat service. Click through for more information and to get started. Message 20 of 23 1, Views. Have you tried twitter. And I thought Vodaphone were bad at communicating???? Like I said I have no phone available to call from at the minute. LG G6 Review Crew. Message 11 of 44 , Views. Unfortunately I cannot dial 15 from my mobile as ee have completely cut it off. Well it is useful. Network Status Checker Devices Guide My EE app Mobile Coverage Checker. Hi, are there any part time jobs available within the Merthyr Tydfil branch? EE Live Chat is available to 4GEE customers on a personal pay monthly plan or anyone wishing to join EE on a personal pay monthly plan. If you select the support option, you have to log into My EE to chat with on-line advisor - HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT WHEN MY PROB IS THAT I CAN'T LOG ON??????? Please keep us updated. Broadband, EE TV, Email. Other phones, gadgets, tablets and wearables. Phone fire but they don't care about customer by Waynescothern I need the date of the end of my contract? Was this article buble de Are there no other phones in Australia but yours? Recent upgrade by Keenan55 Wednesday 33 0. Unlock your device Lost or stolen device Device troubleshooting.

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Sky News - Live ee live chat Broadband, EE TV, Email. Former EE Community Manager. If you would just like to cancel your service you just need to speak to our cancellations team. I'm also on EE and have a personal account, are you able to send me the link to the live chat please? Ask, Answer, Learn, Share. Apple Watch Google Home.